Since 2001 BirthFocus has walked side by side with women and their partners providing highly personalized, compassionate, and agenda-free birth and postpartum doula care to connect them with their bodies and ground them, honoring hopes and intentions for delivery and a woman’s need to have the experience of HER choice. We firmly believe that every woman who wants a doula deserves one!

We also proudly offer families In Home Services including private in-home Childbirth Education, Postpartum and Prenatal Counseling , Placenta Preparation, Breastfeeding and Lactation Support


The best way to begin is by registering for one of our regularly scheduled "Meet the Doula" Open Houses. There you will meet up to three doulas within your budget and available for your due date. If you are unable to attend one of our open houses, we are happy to accommodate a private meet-and-greet. 

Feel Free to Contact us with any questions.