Postpartum Doula

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Alexandra- Tier 1

Alexandra Blogier is a DONA-trained postpartum doula. She came to doula work through nannying, which she has done for the last ten years. In her role as a doula, Alexandra offers truly nonjudgmental support to families adjusting to their new lives with a baby. She is grounded, nurturing and compassionate, providing both practical and emotional support to parents. She focuses on understanding the unique desires and needs of each family, believing that postpartum support establishes a basis for happy, healthy families. Alexandra believes that all families have their own rhythm, and wants parents to feel as supported as possible so they can enjoy the magic of those first three months of their baby’s life. Alexandra lives in Brooklyn. She has a BA in Social and Cultural History from the University of Maryland. In addition to being a doula, Alexandra is also a writer. When she’s not holding babies and supporting families, she can be found most often at the beach.