Birth Doulas

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Caitlin Klein – Tier 3

Caitlin Klein considers herself a lifetime student of the science and process of birth. Her interest in birth began when she found herself working among a group of women in Wisconsin who all happened to be pregnant at the same time.  She witnessed the awesome power and peacefulness these mothers achieved in taking charge of their own pregnancies, and they openly shared their birth and parenting experiences.  At this time, she was finishing her degree in biology and took an endocrine physiology course which covered the intense transformation a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy.  Hearing the story from the both the perspective of her friends and the perspective of a medical professional (the course was taught be a high-risk ob-gyn) made her realize that there can sometimes be a huge disconnect between the way a mother feels during pregnancy and birth, and the way she is treated by the professionals who care for her.  After graduating, she took a DONA approved doula training course and has been a birth advocate ever since.  She volunteered with the birth center in Washington DC as an on-call doula before moving to Brooklyn.  It is her goal to help women understand and love their bodies during pregnancy and to have a healthy, fulfilling birth experience.  She is currently studying acupuncture in NYC.