Birth Doulas 

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Laura Vladimirova

Tier 4

Laura Vladimirova is a grateful beyond words to be included in the birth of each and every family she works with. She is a belly, birth and baby photographer, birth doula and a home birth assistant. She was taught the art of birth doula work by Debra Pascali Bonaro. She holds a B.A. in photography and communications and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Maternal Health.

Her approach to birth doula services always aims for flexibility and compassionate support of the choices, needs and wishes of the family-to-be because each woman, partner and birth differs from the previous. Other aspects of her practice include: Developing trust (in the natural process of one's body, baby, partner and provider); Preparation and comfort through breath work, massage and other techniques; Heart, mind and body connection for both parents-to-be; and guidance regarding the various stages and aspects of birth. Laura is also a maternal rights advocate and works with organizations like HOUR CHLDREN, a group that serves pregnant inmates.