Birth Doulas 

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Birth and Postpartum

Birth and Postpartum

Maya Kite – Tier 3

Maya Kite is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula trained by Deborah Pascali-Bonaro and Ann Grauer respectively. Maya has always loved children and been passionate about the care of women.  In high school Maya was torn between becoming a midwife and a dancer.  Although she chose to become a dancer, her love of children persisted, leading her to become a nanny when she moved to NYC in 2010.  When an employer suggested she look into becoming a doula, Maya leapt at the chance to have her passion for birth play an active role in her life.

Maya is patient, calm, and at her best in a crisis. She hopes that her calm voice and steady hands will help mothers through the waves of stress and anxiety that can sometimes surface in the middle of labor.  Maya also is committed to preserving mother’s control over their labor and birth as much as possible by helping them get the information they need and supporting them in the choices they make.

Besides being a doula, Maya directs and choreographs for her company, Maya Kite and Dancers and continues to work with children and their families as a dance teacher and care giver.