Birth Doulas 

Myla– Director

Myla began attending births in 2007 as a homebirth midwife’s assistant.  Her educational path took her through Nursing, Theater, Psychology, Drama-Therapy; yet throughout her journey, and no matter her other interests, she found she could not resist a deep seeded passion for birth.  It just came naturally for Myla to support mothers and families through the unforgettable experience of welcoming their babies into the world. While studying at Rutgers University, dear friends and midwives asked Myla to join in the developmental stages of opening a birth center in Uganda; Myla was able to work with and learn essential skills from traditional midwives to better support women in labor.  Upon graduating from Rutgers, she rooted in New York City, and her inner calling for continued birth work remained strong.   Myla received her DONA professional doula training and certification in 2010, and has since become richly experienced in many settings beyond local homebirths – developing wisdom and awareness of how to best support families through their hospital births in New York City. 

Serving 250+ families as a birth doula, Myla has witnessed a rainbow of experiences in supporting women of various cultures, circumstances, and birth outcomes. Myla has supported women with vaginal breech deliveries, premature labors, inductions, planned Cesareans, epidural births, and lots of natural birth. She has insight about “high-risk” circumstances, and has a wealth of training to support VBAC / HBAC mothers, twins (whether vaginal or via Cesarean). Myla is also a certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator with an interactive teaching style greatly inspired by her trainings with Birthing From Within and Passion for Birth; she has observed Bradley courses and Hypnobirth classes which she infuses into her CBE curriculum and continues to grow as a gifted, experienced, excellent facilitator. She provides non-biased, evidence-based info, and asks her clients the questions that best helps them get clarity on what they want.  

Myla is grateful to have followed her calling as a birth doula, childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor; and she remains actively involved with Mother Health International. Myla is fulfilled by offering support, guidance, and comfort to pregnant women, and also enjoys being creative in the process (ie: birth art, belly casts, photography, and writing). Myla aims to doula with love, having no judgments, feelings, or expectations of how your birth should be, with an ultimate goal to support your vision.  Mindful that birth sometimes takes a course of its own, Myla would help you work through any unexpected shifts, providing information, and maintaining support and encouragement throughout.