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Birth Doulas

Birth and Postpartum

Birth and Postpartum

Sara Dick – Managing Partner

Director Birth and Postpartum Doula

Sara has had a passion for birth and babies for as long as she can remember. She always knew her calling was to “birth” babies, her own and others. She attended her first birth in 1993 and it confirmed to her, this is what she was made to do. After personally dealing with infertility and an incompetent cervix, which required extensive hospital stays and interventions, she was blessed to have three successful pregnancies, including a set of twins, totaling four preemie yet quite healthy biological children. After the months she spent in the hospital during her pregnancies, Sara acquired a unique ability to be an advocate and to speak “hospitalese”. In her 20 years of practice she has attended nearly every type of birth imaginable from home birth, to hospital induction with preemptive epidural, to emergency c-section and vbac. Her mantra is “this is YOUR birth, not the doula’s, not the nurse’s, not the doctor’s”. She takes her time getting to know you, your hopes and dreams about this baby and this birth, and works with you to make sure that, if at all possible, your birth goes the way you hope it will. If it doesn’t she has been along side you helping you to understand and make informed decisions. She has welcomed 200+ new souls on their birth day and spent countless hours with the newly formed families helping with everything from Mom’s recovery and breastfeeding to sleep issues into the first years. She has a gentle, calm, and laid back demeanor that brings peace into the room. She is the consummate mother, mothering her 6 children, her clients and the doulas she supports. She and her family moved to NYC from Minneapolis in mid-2010 and she is excited to serve families as a doula and matching families with their dream doula in her role as Managing Partner.