At the Ready: Breastfeeding Caddy

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One good project to start in your third trimester is a breastfeeding caddy. Creating a command station can make feeding time a lot more enjoyable in the first few weeks. Here’s some of our suggestions:



A good caddy will have enough room to fit your essentials, but not be so big that you mistake it for a piece of furniture. THIS CADDY is neutral, affordable and roomy enough to fit the necessities.


For breastfeeding moms, this little gadget is a lifesaver.  Once you start breastfeeding the hormone oxytocin can cause a milk ejection reflex (MER) causing the non-feeding breast to leak. This milk catcher saves milk (and clothes.)


Order an extra remote to keep in your caddy, because there is no way your significant other will put the remote back in the caddy and you will find yourself staring at a blank TV beneath a sleeping baby… true story.



Have bedtime and burp essentials at the ready, regardless of what schedule you’re trying to stick to.  You may spend your post feeding time in your glider and having these at the ready makes getting your little one ready for bed a breeze.
BURP CLOTHS from Milkbarn

SWADDLE from Swaddle Me

 SIP AND SNACK: Since newborns eat constantly there will come a time when you’re sitting there starving (or thirsty) waiting for your baby to finish eating.  In order to keep milk supply up breastfeeding moms should stay well hydrated. Keep two water bottles and some healthy snacks like these LACTATION COOKIES on hand.


Your phone will inevitably die just as you get your latch perfect. (You will also have to pee but there’s nothing we can do about that…) Keep an external charger, and an extra long charging cord handy tools at the ready to charge your phone. How else can you call your mom to talk about all the bad TV you’ve been watching?


 CLEAN MACHINE: It’s true, you may not remember what day it is… you also may not remember if you cleaned your pump’s phalange, your remote, or anything else you meant to sanitize but didn’t…This spray from Medela works on just about everything and is great to keep on hand for those frazzled, mom-bie moments.