Summer Safety For The Pregnant Lady

By: Kajan Doyle

Being pregnant during the dog days of summer can be a uniquely horrific experience. Swollen ankles, sore feet, sun sensitivity can have you running for the hills, or at least a dark airconditioned bedroom; but before you move your fridge in and camp out here’s some easy fixes to make life bearable during the hot summer months:


Pregnant Lady Problem: Heat
Pregnant ladies run hot! It’s normal to have a slightly elevated temperature due to hormones and metabolism changes. Add on the heat and you can become down right uncomfortable.

Pregnant Lady Fix:

  1. Swim: Not only does swimming lower your body temperature, it takes the weight of your feet allowing for a few minutes of relaxation for overused joints and muscles.
  2. Keep a Cold Wet Wash Cloth with Peppermint Oil Handy: Apply to the back of your neck, wrists and ankles.  The cold cloth will help bring your temperature down, and the cooling properties of the peppermint will help you feel cool on even the hottest days. Store it in a zip lock bag in your fridge for up to a day. 
  3. Stay Inside: There’s no relief like the cool hum of air conditioning. On especially hot days, stay inside as much as possible and keep a large frozen water bottle handy, taking sips of the ice-cold water as it melts.

Pregnant Lady Problem: Swollen Feet
Water retention, added weight, and overuse are just the beginning, add in the heat and summer can be killer on your feet.

Pregnant Lady Fix:

  1. Ditch the Flips: Flip flops can be a pregnant lady’s best friend, they’re cute, and mostly they’re easy to slip on and off. They can also be harmful with overuse. If you plan to be on your feet for the day, or if you have pain, you may need something with a little more support on your overextended ligaments.  Try a supportive sandal, they offer the open breeze of a flip flop with a bit more support. Try these from Andre Assous. The elastic back makes them a breeze to get on and they have a nice padding, an added benefit
  2. Roll with It Baby: In addition to elevating your feet above your heart for 10 minutes at a time, improve the circulation in your ankles with rotation exercises. Sit with one leg raised. Rotate your ankle 10 times to the right, then to the left. Then switch legs and continue to repeat this 10 times.

Pregnant Lady Problem: Staying Hydrated
Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do during pregnancy.
It’s water that helps bring nutrients to your growing bump, replenishes amniotic fluid and so many more important processes during pregnancy.  Ask your practitioner about how many ounces you should be taking in during a day.

Pregnant Lady Fix: Don’t love water? Try this no calorie light lemonade!


Pregnant Lady Problem: Sunburn
Sunburn is the add it on problem to the other summer safety issues.  Pregnant women are even more prone to sunburn due to hormone fluctuation.  It can be a factor in dehydration, heat sensitivity, sleep and more!

Pregnant Lady Fix: Don’t stop with sunscreen. Make sure you stay in shaded areas, and wear a hat whenever you will be outside for any length of time.

There has been some debate whether chemicals in sunscreen contain hormone disruptors Read about it here.  While the jury and the science is still out on this, any sunscreen is better than none when you’re pregnant so apply, apply, apply.