Tea for Two: Make Your Own Pregnancy Tea

By: Kajan Doyle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of pregnancy, but what if you could also boost your immune system, snuff out your acid reflux, and relax? Magic potion? nope... herbal pregnancy teas are a flavorful way to help you deal with the less desirable side effects of pregnancy, and some may even help you with labor. Just be sure to check with your practitioner based on your specific medical needs. You can buy the dried herbs (organic is best) from a health food store and mix them together, or bring this recipe with you to a local herb shop, like
Flower Power, in the East Village or Radical Herb Shop and Remedies Herb Shop in Brooklyn. They can even customize a blend based on your specific needs; just be sure to check to make sure the herbs you’re adding in are PREGNANCY SAFE.


About Each Herb:

Red Raspberry Leaf: This mineral rich herb can help tone the uterus, increase milk production, and even ease labor pains.

Oatstraw: Rich in calcium and magnesium, oastraw helps relieve anxiety, restlessness and irritated skin.

Nettle Leaf: High in calcium, vitamins C, D, and K. Nettle leaf is an incredible tonic that supports the kidneys, especially important considering they’re working hard to filter the additional blood supply that pregnancy brings with it.

Rose Hips: This super immune booster contains vitamin C&E, manganese, potassium, B complex vitamins to help shield you against cold, flue and other bugs. Rose Hips is also a mild laxative to soften and ease your bowel movements.

Spearmint: Sweeter than its sister peppermint, spearmint adds flavor and aids nausea, indigestion, gas and headaches.

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