Birth Doulas

Caren Geberer Mentor picture.jpeg

Caren- Tier 3

Caren was transformed when she gave birth to her first baby and feels strongly that, in that moment, she gave birth to her true self. Through 2 more babies, and the birth of her grandson, she kept being reminded of how much she had loved being pregnant and how incomparable the moment of giving birth could feel. After Caren was there to assist in the birth of her second grandchild, she knew her life was about to take another turn. She was going to become a doula.

She dove right into training and was most struck by was the power of a woman giving birth. Their ability to trust their bodies to do what they needed to do. Caren’s extensive background in yoga and mindfulness informs her approach in helping her clients. Caren holds a respectful space of support, encouraging and reminding them to breathe in a way that relaxes, not strains, to take different positions for ease and the gentle facilitation of bringing the baby down, to imagine the perfect opening of their bodies to welcome their newborn to the world.

Everything Caren did before, has contributed to what she brings to her work as a doula. After owning and running a successful, award-winning, New York corporate communications company for over 35 years, she made a radical shift and dove into the healing arts. Now, as a doula, her goal is to help empower her clients to give birth with intention, to be in control of their own experience, prepared emotionally and physically for that unforgettable moment when they transform from expectant women to loving, new mother.

Her training includes:

* DONA Birth Doula (Rina Rios Crane)

* DONA Childhood Education (Rina Rios Crane)

* BirthMattersNYC Childhood Education (Lisa Greaves Taylor)

* DONA Postpartum Doula (Ann Grauer)

* Manhattan Birth Lactation Basics (Tanya Wills)

* Evidence Based Birth (Rebecca Dekker)

* Spinning Babies (Tammy Ryan)

* HypnoBirthing (Maeva Althaus)

* Comforting Touch for Birth and Postpartum (Yiska Obadia)

* HUG your Baby: Help Parents Understand Their Newborn

* Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid (American Red Cross)

* Volunteer doula at NYUWinthrop Hospital

* Community doula with the Institute for Family Health

* Yoga Therapist, RYT-500, (including pre-natal/baby/PTSD etc.)

* Certified Reflexologist

* Reiki II practitioner

* Craniosacral therapy trained