Birthing Warriors One-Day Workshop - Saturday, April 9th 10am-1pm

Event Details

"Birthing Warriors" is an interactive workshop leaving pregnant women feeling more connected with their bodies, their intuition, their babies, and other pregnant women in our community. Using movement, breath and meditation, birth art, and journal exercises pregnant mamas will connect with their inner resources as they prepare for birth!

In this workshop we create a sacred space where voices are heard, fears/concerns are shared, and women are encouraged to connect to their intuitive selves. This is a wonderful workshop for first time mamas at any stage in their pregnancy or those who have paved the way before and expecting another sweet bundle. Journals, refreshments, and a Yoga Nidra Mommy-Centered meditation also included.

Finding our Rituals:

  • Connecting with our Ancestors and our Community of Women
  • Letting Go and Centering through Journaling
  • Finding Compassion in Normalcy and Connecting with our Voices

Finding our Rhythm: 

  • Movement to Enhance Body/Mind/Heart Awareness
  • Keeping Our Internal Power Source Lit – The 7 Power Centers

Finding our Relaxation: 

  • Breathing exercises:Powerful Body, Powerful Birth
  • Guided meditation: Setting Intentions and Connecting with Intuition

Sign Up

$125 per individual
Saturday April 9th 10am-1pm
Wild Was Mama (formerly Caribou Baby)
272 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

About the Instructor

Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach is the Executive Director of Birthfocus, a doula and childbirth educator, a clinical social worker, mother of two (both in diapers), partner/sister/daughter/friend, adventurer, Brooklynite/Michigander, home birther, and a believer that we can shift the culture of birth.