Birth Doulas


Cornelia- Tier 2

Cornelia grew up on the West Coast of Canada, and from a young age was involved in caring for infants and children. Those early experiences stayed with her throughout her life, as she is known among family and friends as the “baby whisperer”.

Cornelia first realized her doula calling when she attended the birth of her best friend’s son nearly 10 years ago. She was so moved and touched by the experience, but did not realize it was something she could pursue as a career.  Spending the better part of the last 20 years in corporate America in the advertising industry, she’s worked with all types of personalities and is described by her team as a nurturer by nature: extremely patient and even keeled, an excellent collaborator and communicator.  Cornelia applies these qualities to her doula work; her calming and confident nurturing nature help mothers and partners feel at ease during the birthing process. In addition, she builds a rapport with the rest of the birthing team while advocating for and ensuring the mothers wishes are honored and respected.  

Cornelia is passionate about helping and empowering women and families as they experience the miracle of pregnancy and birth.  Ultimately Cornelia would like to work with and serve single moms who are embarking on the birth journey on their own either by choice or by circumstance. Cornelia is also a volunteer doula with the By My Side Birth Support Program and is currently pursuing her doula certification with DTI (Doula Trainings International).  Cornelia lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and 10 -year old daughter and her other “child” her rescue dog Finley.