Birth Doulas

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Dana Sauchelli – Tier 1

When Dana was nine years old she had the profound experience of witnessing the birth of her little brother inside their Brooklyn brownstone surrounded by loved ones and birthing professionals. It was truly a transformative and transcendent experience for her. As she got older she knew she wanted to work in birth and help other women and families have the positive birth experience she believes is possible for everyone. Dana believes every woman should have unwavering support and a tool-chest of knowledge when planning for the magical day when she meets her child face to face. For the past four years Dana has worked as a criminal justice reporter and photographer for a major newspaper and on many occasions she has used these traits when she is invited into someone's life to hear their story, and she is always honored to be a part of those transformative moments in other people's lives. She trained with renown doula Debra Pascali-Bonaro and is working towards her DONA International certification. She is also trained in spinning babies and Rebozo. Dana grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the middle child of two brothers, and the only daughter of two amazingly supportive and pioneering parents. She hopes to be a part of your story.