Freedom to Birth

Instructor: Elizabeth Mangum Sarach

"Freedom to Birth" is my signature childbirth education course! I prepare couples in two ways: to gain an understanding of the physiological process of labor AND to find ways to connect with their body, mind, and heart in order to have the empowered birth of their choice.  Connecting expecting couples with the intuitive side of birth and evidence-based information, "Freedom to Birth" offers a full range of knowledge and tools for making informed decisions and staying present in the birthing experience. Whether you’re giving birth at a hospital, birth center, or home this class will offer alternatives to the mainstream approach to birth, teach you what you need to know, and help you connect with YOUR knowledge about how to give birth YOUR way! 

  • Gain a greater understanding of …
    • Evidence-based research and information allowing you to be prepared for the decisions to be made along the way
    • Your inherent knowledge of your body and how to listen to it
    • The full spectrum of birth (stages of labor, etc) using the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices
    • Language to know what questions to ask and when to ask them
    • A deeper knowledge of nutrition throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
    • The role of a Doula and why to have one on your team
    • The basics of breastfeeding and newborn care for the first six weeks
    • The "4th trimester" and priorities for managing the postpartum period
  • Connect
    • More deeply with your intuitive knowledge of your desired birth experience and your body/mind/heart awareness
    • With and name your fears and overall emotions of the pending birth and parenting
  • Create …
    • a tool box full of breathing and coping techniques/comfort measures for a more comfortable and present birth experience
  • As a partner, you will understand the labor process, your own role and needs for a positive birth experience, and identify techniques to support your partner both physically and emotionally
  • As a team, you will bridge the gap between expectations and reality and create your intentions and preferences for your desired birth experienc