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Elizabeth Mangum Sarach – Tier 6

Owner/Executive Director 

Elizabeth is currently navigating the crazy world of parenting two children in diapers, connecting with the “birth world” as a doula and childbirth educator, and replanting herself and her family in NYC after a three year “stint” in Austin, TX.  She is a clinical social worker, partner/sister/daughter/friend, adventurer, Brooklynite/Michigander, home birther, etc, etc, etc… and a believer that we can shift the culture of birth! Like many of you she wears several hats. As your doula she will listen, hold space, guide and support you mindfully and unconditionally so that you can experience your birth, your way!

In 2004 Elizabeth became a doula and first witnessed birth by the side of her best friend.  Since, she has supported over 150 families in hospitals, birth centers, and home births in New York City, Austin, TX, and around the world (check out the blog from her motorcycle trip from London to Capetown in 2004 -!).  She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and has been certified via Lamaze as a Childbirth Educator. She is a Birth Doula and Trainer through Dona International and is trained in Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within, and the BOLD Method for Birth childbirth education model.  She trained with SpinningBabies and Gena Kirby’s Childbirth and the Rebozo course.  She is the former Director of Maternal Health and Parenting Services at Inwood House, a non-profit that offers services to pregnant and parenting teens, and is responsible for developing their doula and childbirth education programs.  She is also a Wellness Advocate with DoTerra and has used essential oils in pregnancy, birth, and with her whole family (including her 10 yr old chocolate lab, Franny!).  In addition to all of this, she teaches Freedom to Birth and offers private birth consultations to help answer your basic questions about birth.  

In May 2013 Elizabeth gave birth to her sweet and sassy daughter, Cora, in her home in Austin, Texas.  Yes, she had a doula (because, no, doulas don’t “doula” themselves) and a wonderful midwife.  In Feb 2015 she took another wild ride and gave birth to her sweet son, Alister, also at home (TWO doulas this time!).  Both of these births taught her so much about her needs, her fears, her body, her partnership, and more.

Elizabeth loves this work and brings her whole heart (and whole sense of humor) to it.  Being a doula embodies all she has to offer and provides her with so much joy! Birth is FUN and she is excited about connecting you with this side of it while fully respecting the immensity of the whole experience!