Your Birth Experience

Instructor: Jessica Tobin

Jessica Tobin is a "Your Birth Experience" instructor. "Your Birth Experience" or “YBE” is more than just a childbirth education class. It is a paradigm shift. YBE was created by a doula, Missy Boudette David, who was inspired to create YBE in order to provide a comprehensive, customizable childbirth education curriculum designed with YOU in mind. The goal of YBE is to help you envision, prepare for and achieve the birth experience YOU want. Rather than promoting one method of childbirth, YBE provides expectant parents with resources and support from multiple birthing mindsets and allows them to choose the kind of mindset and skills they need to navigate childbirth on their terms. YBE can help you have a positive and profound experience, regardless of physical limitations, method or mode of delivery. 

In this class you will receive a copy of the Your Birth Experience Childbirth Parents' Guide for *free*, which is a step-by-step guide through the process of understanding your own unique desires and needs in relation to childbirth. It contains detailed information about the process of childbirth, physical and mental preparation, evidence-based information about your options, and tools for effective communication with your medical provider and birthing team. This workbook is yours to keep, and is a helpful tool that you can continue referring back to throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birthing process. 

This is taught in the privacy of your home and am available for follow up telephone and email communication if you should have any questions about the material covered in the class. It is highly recommended taking this class with your birth partner in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy.

 YBE topics include:

·         Envisioning your birth

·         Understanding your physical and emotional needs in childbirth

·         Role of the birth partner

·         Anatomy and understanding the birth process

·         Preparing for early and active labor

·         Diet, exercise, and balance

·         Labor positions and effective laboring techniques

·         Pain management techniques

·         Interventions in childbirth

·         Communicating with your care providers

·         Preventing caesarean

·         Building a comprehensive and informed birth plan