Birth Boot Camp

Instructor: Kasia Sanvee

Kasia has stepped in on the path of her true passion - supporting families in this very unique time of their lives of pregnancy, birth and parenthood - after the birth of her own daughter a few years back. Ever since, she pursued her dreams and became a certified childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor and lactation counselor to offer expectant families a wide spectrum of care.

Kasia chose to certify with Birth Boot Camp as it is an evidence-based, very comprehensive and accessible childbirth preparation with very friendly and recent materials as a support. Birth Boot Camp is specifically designed for families planning births with the least number of interventions. Instructors go through a thorough education program and certifying exam and what's probably different from other certifying organization, they have to have had a natural childbirth themselves. Birth Boot Camp strives to continuously improve and to guarantee a high quality education with a very high success rate of vaginal births, as well as unmedicated births.

The curriculum is modern, teaching you how to achieve the birth you want in the present birth climate with thorough education on the risks of unnecessary interventions and how to avoid them, how to stay healthy in pregnancy, and tools to help you manage your labor effectively. The classes will cover optimal nutrition and exercise for healthy pregnancy and in preparation for labor and birth, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth, stages of labor, laboring and pushing positions, comfort measures techniques, pain coping strategies and tools for partners, descriptions of various procedures during labor and birth, and strategies for the postpartum period. 

Kasia is also enrolled in a certifying program with CEA/MNY in New York City.

Since her certification in 2014, Kasia has been regularly teaching childbirth classes in a group setting as well as privately.

Kasia will be happy to spread her passion and knowledge around birth with you."