Birth Doulas

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Kyra Caruso – Tier 6

Raised in Europe surrounded by the women of her Austrian as well as Mexican family, she learned to value the honorable role a woman holds in her community. However, not until she moved to New York City by herself, she realized how fundamental it is for a woman to be protected and supported by other female, specifically during such a significant landmark such as birth. As Kyra puts it simply: “New life has to be honored. Every human being has to have the right to a gentle entry to our world and every woman needs to feel loved during the transformative experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This is why I am here to help.” 

Kyra sees it as utmost importance to creating a comfortable welcoming environment whether the birth takes place in a hospital, birthing center or at home. She supports women throughout all boroughs. Kyra holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology and she also studied International Business Management at the University of Vienna. She speaks English, German and Spanish fluently and has some knowledge of French. Kyra is currently enrolled at SUNY Downstate Medical Center to becoming a midwife. She is expected to graduate with a MS in 2019.