Birth Doulas

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Liz Biro

Liz Biro  – Tier 1

Liz began on this path of doula-hood after looking for a word to describe what she was already doing - helping people find empowerment through embodied experience. Her past in the field of social work and as a yoga teacher and bodyworker have uniquely prepared her to work as a doula. Skilled in comforting touch and physical support, Liz is a confident, compassionate counselor ready with many skills and practices to share. Passionate in advocating for choice and autonomy in all aspects of life, Liz is especially impassioned by birth and early infancy. Her goal is not to make everyone have the same “best” experience of what birth “should” look like, but to listen actively to the experience you hope for, and then work to understand how to bring that experience to life. In addition to birth work, Liz is also a body literacy educator, a movement guide, an avid knitter and a karaoke enthusiast. From pregnancy through postpartum, Liz will be your sidekick, your librarian, and your cheerleader. You'll have support, you'll have resources, and you can do it!