Birth Doulas



Melissa Maldonado is a birth doula whose passion is helping expectant mothers through their birth experience by emphasizing a mindful, holistic and integrative approach to pregnancy. She’s received training through DONA International and is certified in rebozo techniques for pregnancy and birth. She also holds an M.A. from New York University, where she studied cultural identity and storytelling through the lens of health and wellness. 

 Her goal is simple: to provide moms, their partners and families with the support they need to ensure that the mother has the pregnancy and labor that is empowered and grounded in the mother’s own intuition. Melissa understands there's a lot of noise out there — from books to blogs to "experts" itching to give advice. She promises to help moms navigate evidence-based information needed to make the best choices for themselves and their growing family.

While Melissa believes all doulas share a special desire to serve moms, she feels particularly called to the birth world based on her own experience in a “medicalized” world. As a cancer survivor, she learned early on the importance of research, asking questions, and advocating for oneself. The team she had behind her—with doctors, nurses, and her mother who was her unofficial “doula” at the time—uplifted and shepherded her through the finish line. The support and invaluable knowledge she gained through this experience, then later as a first-time mom with her own birth wishes and doulas in her corner, have whole-heartedly informed her offering. It’s what allows her to hold space for moms and families with empathy, mindfulness, and a gentle ferocity for whomever she’s able to serve.

 Melissa resides in Edgewater, NJ, where she lives with her husband and son.