Myla Flores

This class is geared toward pregnant women (and their partners) who want to understand birth, as well as the many topics surrounding it. Soon-to-be parents receive generous individualized attention. Thoroughly covered topics in pregnancy, labor, birth, and immediate postpartum will help mom find her own readiness and become better connected to her body and baby; her partner will find a sense of confidence in knowing how to support her. Newborn care & breastfeeding topics will help both parents in getting a sense of what they can expect as they navigate through their first weeks with their newborn. We make time for useful activities and exercises that promote learning and self-discovery.

Through presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice, learn about:

· Anatomy of Childbirth

· Stages and Phases of labor

· Physical and Emotional signposts throughout labor

· Positions that Facilitate labor and make the laboring woman more Comfortable

· Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

· Pain Coping Methods

· Preventing and Helping Back Labor

· Three R’s: Relaxation, Rhythm and Ritual

· Comfort measures, Massage, Visualization

· Essentials of a being a great Birth Partner

· Birth Plans and birth planning

· Epidural and other pain medication options

· Risks / Benefits of various interventions

· Induction & Holistic methods of encouraging labor

· Pushing positions and techniques

· Cesarean birth & recovery

· Postpartum adjustments and preparations

· Breastfeeding & Newborn Care


"Deepen your understanding of birth: what is is and how it works, learn your options in any birth setting, expand your resources, build your community, explore interactive exercises with your partner, and of course, learn a whole lot..."