Lamaze, Bradley,  Birthing from Within

Instructor: Narchi Jovic

I am proud to be part of the community of doulas and childbirth educators in NYC. I am a certified birth doula , postpartum doula, certified childbirth educator, certified breastfeeding counselor, local ICAN chapter leader, and mother of three kids. My journey towards becoming birth worker began in 2003 when I was preparing for the birth of my second child. Since my first child was born by c-section, I needed extra support and plenty of research in order to be well prepared to have a VBAC. My two VBACs were amazing and humbling experiences, that taught me not only about the birth process, but also about the importance of strong support.

After the birth of my last child I quit the corporate world, followed my passion and started my education and work in the birth field. I am excited to continue my education by starting the Perinatal Psychology Education Certification Program. I believe that not only the physical, but also the emotional health of the baby begins in the womb and I am excited to learn and share the knowledge of this young field. Like all doulas, I feel very blessed to be supporting parents through the amazing experience of birth, one that will stay with you for a lifetime.

In the childbirth education class, I teach evidence-based information covering materials from well-established childbirth methods, such as Lamaze, Bradley, Birthing from Within, as well as concepts from the Hypnobirthing method. I also discuss important issues such as optimal fetal positioning, possible labor scenarios, what to expect in various hospital settings, how to prevent unnecessary interventions, and how to best prepare for a VBAC. My intention is to tailor the class according to the parents' specific needs and topics of interest.

Childbirth Education topics include:

  • Emotions and expectations around birth
  • Preparation for birth (Nutrition, Exercise, Optimal Fetal Positioning)
  • Warning Signs in Late Pregnancy
  • Signs of impending labor / beginning of labor
  • Overview of the hormones involved in the birth process 
  • Understanding the purpose of labor sensations and birthing process
  • Stages and phases of labor 
  • What is measured during a cervical exam?
  • Labor positions and comfort techniques
  • Medications available during labor and birth
  • Common interventions in childbirth
  • Preventing an unnecessary cesarean/true indications for a cesarean
  • Communication skills in the hospital
  • Breastfeeding basic