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OUR SERVICES: Birth Doula Services

Our doulas strive to develop a relationship with you where you can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing your fears and concerns, helping you create a narrative for the birth experience you are hoping for and preparing you for whatever may come. Our doulas integrate their grounding physical, emotional, and informational care and education into your delivery. By way of our tier system we are able to provide quality doula services for all budgets. Your doula is available by phone or email and will respond to your concerns, questions, and explain any developments that might arise during the course of your pregnancy.  While the role of a doula does not include providing medical care, they are knowledgeable in the medical aspects of childbirth and can help you gain a better understanding of the procedures and possible complications that may arise. By translating what comes up medically into layperson language, our doulas aid you in making truly informed decisions throughout your journey, be it in a hospital or home birth environment.

During labor and delivery your doula will be with you from start to finish. Providing comfort with pain relief techniques that include breathing, relaxation, massage, and laboring positions she will also work with your partner, reassuring them and guiding them in the ways they can comfort you. The role of the doula is to advocate for you, encouraging and helping you fulfill specific desires that you might have for your birth, maintaining your birth plan, and keeping you informed and supported if unexpected changes to your birth plan should arise.

After your birth, she will spend time helping you begin the breastfeeding process and encouraging bonding between the new baby and other family members.

To find a doula who perfectly matches your needs and personality please sign up for our complimentary "Meet The Doula" event.

Our package of labor support doula services range from $400-$2800 and include the following:

  • Available for phone/email support from the date of hire

  • On-call services from 38 weeks until the time you give birth

  • Two prenatal visits in your home to get to know you better and to discuss your expectations, fears, and questions.

  • Continuous informational, emotional, and physical support from the time your labor begins until your baby is born.

  • Ongoing support for the first few hours after your baby is born to assist with the initial transition to parenting and breastfeeding.

  • One postpartum visit within two weeks of your birth during which the doula will come to your home to discuss the birth, check in on you, and offer referrals if needed.

  • Option to work with a two-doula team


  • A Tier 1 Affiliated Doula has attended 0-3 births. The fee is $400

  • A Tier 2 Affiliated Doula has attended 4-10 births. The fee is $800

  • A Tier 3 Affiliated Doula has attended 11-26 births. The fee is $1250

  • A Tier 4 Affiliated Doula has attended 27-50 births. The fee is $1650

  • A Tier 5 Affiliated Doula has attended 51-99 births. The fee is $1950 

  • A Tier 6 Affiliated Doula has attended more than 100 births. The fee is $2300

  • A tier 6+ 150-200 births The fee is $2500

  • Our Director has attended 200+ births. The fee is $2800