Postpartum Doula Services


Our postpartum doulas provide a nurturing presence and non-judgmental support designed to ease your transition from pregnancy to new parenthood. Whether you are a first time parent or a seasoned pro, our range of supportive services available include breastfeeding support, advice for newborn care, meal preparation, errand running, and light household tasks. At times, the role of the doula may be as simple as holding your baby while you shower or listening as you share your experiences of new motherhood.

In contrast to a baby nurse who cares solely for the newborn, the postpartum doula is a nurturing presence for the whole family supporting you as you care for your baby. She instills confidence in you as new parents learning to tune in to your baby’s cues and discovering your own unique parenting style.

Our postpartum doulas can work side by side with your mother, mother-in-law, sister, or anyone else who is there to offer support. She can also provide care in the absence of nearby family. Often women find that family members are great for loving and holding your baby while a postpartum doula is great for keeping BOTH of you cared for.

Typically, postpartum care is used in four-hour blocks of time at varying points throughout the morning, afternoon, and/or evening.

Our overnight doula services provide eight-to-ten hours of care (extra hours may be arranged), typically between the hours of 10pm-6am from one to seven nights per week.  You may work with one of our affiliated postpartum doulas or a team of them, depending upon your individual needs.