After the birth of your baby or babies, the postpartum doula will offer a range of supportive services to nurture you and to aid in the transition from the prenatal to postnatal period. She will offer support with self-care and postpartum recovery; breastfeeding and general newborn care; and, will be available to help with household tasks, such as laundry, light cleaning, running errands and/or preparing meals. Her role at times may be as simple as holding your baby while you shower, or talking with you about your experiences as a new mother.  The postpartum doula will also act as a source of information, providing referrals and other information as needed. All doulas have had training in breastfeeding and newborn care, and in many cases have taken extensive workshop courses in postpartum care.

The postpartum doula does NOT perform full-body massages, any medical tasks or make any medical diagnoses. Instead, she will refer you to an appropriate health care provider should the need arise. Scheduling for postpartum hours will be discussed between you and your chosen doula. While the postpartum doula will make every effort to honor the schedule she establishes with you, there are occasional unpredictable events that may affect the dates previously agreed upon. In such cases, scheduled hours may be subject to change, and will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.


Once you’ve given birth, please contact your postpartum doula so that you can make arrangements for your doula to begin working with you as soon as you are ready.

Packages are sold at a minimum of 16 hours; unless you have made other arrangements with the BirthFocus.  The first grouping of hours bought will expire 2 months after the estimated due date of your baby. Subsequent Packages will expire two months after purchase.

 Payment in full to BirthFocus, LLC is due along with this agreement

 By submitting this agreement, I agree to contact and communicate with the postpartum doula to determine a mutually agreed upon schedule for postpartum care. I am aware of the expiration policies as detailed above, and understand that no refund will be given for hours that are not used within said time frame. I may cancel this agreement in writing at any time BEFORE the doula has met with me for the first time, with the understanding that I will receive a 50% refund of the payment as BirthFocus, LLC will retain the remaining 50% for administrative purposes. Once the doula has initiated her work with you, no refund will be given for cancellation. In the event that your chosen doula cannot fulfill the agreement and complete the postpartum hours, another BirthFocus affiliated doula will be made available to you.  I agree that should I need the doula for further time, outside of this initial 16 hour contract, I will contact Birthfocus and hire a doula (either the same doula or a different one) and I will not exchange any money between myself and the doula, without the consent of the BirthFocus Director.  Any hours booked after this contract must be in 16 hour blocks which will expire after two months of purchase, unless otherwise arranged with the BirthFocus Director.

This constitutes the entire agreement between myself and BirthFocus,LLC. No other agreements shall apply.