Birth Doulas



Rebecca is a birth doula who hails from Minnesota. Her midwest values drive her impulse to nurture and support pregnant people during this incredible and vulnerable time of birth. After completing her birth doula training with DONA, she began attending births as a birth assistant at the Brooklyn Birthing Center. These experiences informed her birth doula practice as she learned from the midwives and from the birthing moms the amazing ability of our bodies and strength of physiological birth. Educated in dietetics, Rebecca incorporates her knowledge of prenatal nutrition to nourish and best prepare pregnant people for the physical marathon of labor. She enjoys incorporating herbal tea and warming broths into her practice, especially in the early postpartum time.Her approach to birth support is founded in the strong trust she has in a mother's body to intuitively move and lead. She is skilled in reading the needs of a couple and employing various physical and mental techniques to face the intense sensations of labor. She also recognizes the power of being informed and readily provides parents with evidence-based information on labor, birth, and beyond. Rebecca is thrilled to be invited to your birthing experience. It is her intention to provide a warm and calming space for the transition into parenthood.