Birth Doulas

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Selome Araya– Tier 3

Selome has always been concerned about the health and well-being of others, and has been working in this realm for the last 20 years, in one capacity or another. Selome trained with Ancient Song Doula Services as a full spectrum doula, providing birth and postpartum services to mothers on the journey to motherhood. Selome was inspired to become a doula because she loves babies, felt called to support women to be in their ultimate strength and power through birth work, and believes in magic-birth being the most inspiring miracle there is. She feels that being a doula means she gets to be the ultimate caregiver, something she truly enjoys doing. She feels that birth should be done in community and not in isolation, and is excited to see doula care being revived in the US- a practice that she has seen to be commonplace throughout the world in her international health work and global travels. She believes the time before, during, and after birth is a sacred time for the mother and the baby, and is committed to offering unwavering support and nurturing care catered to the specific needs of each mother she works with. Selome feels it is important to ensure that a woman is empowered to create the birth of her dreams, and intends to provide her with the necessary resources to make this a reality.  She is ready to be an advocate when necessary and at the same time remind mothers of their strength and intuition.

Selome is also a certified Reiki Healing Practitioner and understands the importance of having emotional, mental and physical balance during the birth process. As an energy worker, she provides mothers with pre and post birth healing treatments and guidance to balance the mind, body, and spirit to maintain a peaceful wellness throughout the journey.Prior to providing more direct healing as a doula and energy healer, Selome worked in the public health and social service fields for many years, working with refugees, foster youth and on public health initiatives addressing health disparities in the US. She has also lived in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Zambia, where she worked in the humanitarian and emergency response fields. She has a BA from UCLA and a Masters in Public Health degree from Columbia University. She is certified in CPR through the American Heart Association. Selome cant wait to meet you and walk alongside you as you embark on the magical journey of giving life to another being!