Birth Doulas

Emily Hursch


Sophie -Tier 3

Keeping the question in mind, "How will you remember your birth?" Sophie is dedicated to providing a peaceful and non-judgmental space filled with affirmation, humor, and love so that all laboring folk feel empowered through their choices. Sophie has always had a reverence for, and degree of comfort around birth. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, she is the child of an unmedicated home-birth and was present for the home-birth of her younger sister. Hearing the positive stories of empowerment with these family births, she came to birth work after being further inspired by another artist (named Sophia) in the path to train as a doula. Sophie did her DONA birth doula training in 2016 and began to support private clients as well as volunteer as a full-spectrum doula with the NY Doula Project. As a painter, she's often in her studio laboring. In other moments, she's working in Education at The Whitney Museum, or growing things in her garden alongside her partner and two tabby cats.